Guided Tour

Guided tour for accompanying persons June 28, 2011

The tour will take you to some of North Denmark’s most beautiful areas with unique and fantastic natural settings. The area is named “The Land of Light” due to its many hours of sunshine and the special light that many tourists enjoy every year.

The bus will take us to the charming fishing village of Lønstrup on the west coast of North Jutland, where we start with a visit to Mogens Falkenberg and his gallery Keramoda. Mogens is a pottery maker and gallery owner, and in the gallery you will find unique ceramic designs. Mogens finds his inspiration in the sea, beach and dunes that surround the small town of Lønstrup. The gallery and workshop is placed in the heart of Lønstrup and is a vibrant and inspiring environment for both workers and guests, which you hopefully will experience, when you get the possibility to create your own ceramics in the workshop!

After some creative hours in the workshop it is time for lunch. We will enjoy a wonderful lunch in one of Lønstrup’s many restaurants, the Villa Vest which is situated on a steep cliff offering a fantastic view of the beach and the sea.

In the afternoon there will be time to enjoy a stroll in the charming streets of Lønstrup, where small art and craft shops and workshops lie side by side with specialist shops.

On the way back to Aalborg there will be a visit to Rubjerg Knude Fyr – an old lighthouse on the edge of the sand dunes and almost completely covered with sand. The lighthouse lies in a gigantic migrating dune – one of the largest of its kind in Scandinavia. A first-hand possibility to watch how the force of nature rules in this part of the country.

Price: DKK 975

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